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How to submit your book for free appraisal

We invite prospective authors to send us a synopsis, sample chapters or full manuscript for a completely free evaluation.

Our editors will make an assessment of the material you send us and give you an honest opinion regarding its potential.

We are willing to consider proposals from authors anywhere in the world but can only accept manuscripts that are written in English.

Simply click here to launch a template e-mail which will prompt you to supply us with a few details about your book.

Alternatively compose your own email and send it to but please be sure to provide the following information:

  • your full name
  • the working title of your book
  • the word count of the full manuscript
  • a brief summary of the book
  • the target readership
  • any additional information about yourself/your book that you think would be useful

And don't forget to attach your manuscript!

Your manuscript should be supplied in Microsoft Word compatible format (.doc .docx .rtf or .txt) as an e-mail attachment.

To help us keep track of your submission it will be helpful if your attached document(s) are named in a way that makes them immediately recognisable as yours, for example: My Life by Fred Smith.doc or My Book by Jenny Jones [ch01].rtf

If you wish to attach numerous files it is a good idea to compress them all into a single zip file.

Please be assured that all submissions are treated in the strictest confidence and that under no circumstances will your contact details or any material you have submitted to us ever be divulged to or shared with any third party.