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Masai Mara : The Savage Plains

by Guy West
A gripping adventure novel set in Kenya focusing on the illegal activities of ivory poachers and those who work to thwart them.

About Time an' All

by Sheila Dobson
A personal investigation into Dreams, Archetypes & the Collective Unconscious inspired by the life and works of Carl Jung
military history

The Dreyse Military Needle Ignition System

Researched, written & illustrated by Leonard & Guy A-R-West FHBSA
An illustrated history of one of the first breech-loading firearms and its innovative needle-ignition mechanism
RAF memoir

A Very British Standard

by Peter Bunnett
An RAF Airman’s experiences in the UK & Europe during the Cold War years 1967-72
military history

The Modèle 1866 ‘Chassepot’

Written & illustrated by Guy & Leonard A-R-West FHBSA
An illustrated history of one of the first breech-loading firearms and its innovative needle-ignition mechanism
RAF/aviation memoir

Around the World in 80 Delays

by Richard Ling
A former armaments expert looks back on his varied career as an international salesman in the arms, aviation and petrochemical industries 1975-2010
RAF/aviation memoir

Bull, Bombs & Britannias

by Richard Ling
A former Boy Entrant looks back on his globetrotting career with the RAF 1961-75 as an Armourer, bomb disposal expert and Bristol Britannia loadmaster
RAF memoir

Looking Up at the Sky by C.B. 'Sid' Adcock

by Group Captain C.B. 'Sid' Adcock
A former Hastings and VC10 pilot looks back on a 50-year career in the Royal Air Force 1960–2010

SMEC Its History

by Leonard & Guy A-R-West
An illustrated history of Scale Model Equipment Co Ltd of Steyning, Sussex, England 1946-1960

Twelve Days in the Battle for Monte Cassino

by Peter Bunnett
An eyewitness account from the log of Bombardier Ronald Patrick Bunnett of the Royal Artillery, March 1944

Grain, Planes & Coffee Machines

by Graham Wise
A Memoir - 1937-2000 One man’s journey from a small Kentish island to Mars & beyond (via the Royal Air Force)

The World of a Latchkey Kid

by John Oliver
The life and times of a London-born naval officer, television sound engineer, musician and yachtsman 1931-2007

Will's War

by Jeanette Upshall
A Soldier’s Experiences with the Somerset Light Infantry in India & Mesopotamia 1913-19

Edwin's Exploits

by Richard Biddlecombe
Edwin's exploits include a career in television and involvement with a controversial church which picks a wife for him...

Wings for Sale

by Barry Lloyd
Worldwide experiences of an aircraft salesman 1981-94
Military / local history

Twin Bases Remembered

by Norman Rose
A personal history of the RAF and USAF at Bentwaters & Woodbridge 1943-1993


by Gyorgy Nadasdy & Julia Pinner

Experiences of a teenage Freedom Fighter in the 1956 Hungarian Uprising & the years in exile that followed

family history

Before the Rainbow

by Joan Blackburn
The Story of Charles & Alice ~ an Edwardian married couple 1901-1941
Biography/World War II history

Flying Boats, Fathers & Fate

by Trevor Richter
A tale of two RAF pilots in the Far East during World War IIand the remarkable coincidence that connected them
Autobiography / WW2

From Ypres to Georgetown

by Bob Simmons (with Sheryl Sinclair)
An Englishman’s adventures in Europe & the Far East during World War II& postwar career in Television
Autobiography / Local History

Flying Upside Down

by Richard G. Walker
Memories of childhood / adolescence during and after WW2 in Stopsley, Bedfordshire and subsequent RAF National Service
RAF WW2 memoir

How I Became a Pathfinder Navigator

by Peter D Saville
My aircrew training and subsequent activities with No.35 Squadron RAF during and after World War II
Autobiography / RAF 1970s

Naafi, Nijmegen & the Path to Norway

by Joan Blackburn
Further adventures of a WRAF Airwoman – 1971 and beyond…

The Boy, The Mystery & the Open Book

by Jeff Pack
A Partial Autobiography, A Psychological Selfie or a Cock & Bull Story? One Man's attempt at self-analysis

Caversham Park and its People BC to BBC

by Mike Read
The remarkable history of a Berkshire stately home and its many occupants during 1000+ years of British history
local / social history

Saving Our City

by Tim Rooth
Tells how local residents formed The Chichester Society and thwarted a council plan to demolish many historic buildings in their city in the 1970s
local/social history

Pulborough Football Club

by Mick Hatchard
An illustrated history of 'The Robins' 1898-2010

The Tailor's Daughter

by Joan Blackburn
Adventures of Charlotte Adshead 1858-1929 ~ the story of a Cockney girl who travelled to New Zealand in the late 19th Century

From Waafs to Riches

by Robert C Bertie
The final instalment in the popular Bill Barrett / Bluebelles series    

Just Being Frank

by Frank Rixon BEM
Autobiography of a Berkshire Lad who served in Malta with the Royal West Kent Regiment during WW2
WW2 civilian memoir

A Long Way from Home

by Alastair Tompkins
The experiences of a small boy evacuated from Sussex to Yorkshire in 1939

Long Nights and Long Knives

by Alastair Tompkins
A novel set in Kenya at the time of the 1952 Mau Mau insurgency     

Handcart to Hanlon

by Brian Janman

A history of the West Sussex Ambulance Services 1895-1995 in words and photographs
Local history

This House

by Jeff Pack

The remarkable history of a suburban villa in North Ealing, its owners/residents since 1901 and its surrounding square mile in Pitshanger village

Have You Any Wool?

by Eileen Sullivan
The life and times of a Hampshire sheep farmer and his family ~ 1930s to present

A Flock of Female Friends

by John McGregor, BA 
A fond look back at the weird, wild and wonderful women friends in the author's past

My Life in Flying

by Steve Masters
A personal reflection on three decades as a military & commercial pilot with the RAF and British Airways 1980-2013
Autobiography/aviation history

Will We Fly Above Those Clouds?

by Michael P Sutton
A pilot's varied experiences with the RN Fleet Air Arm, De Havilland, JC Bamford, Lear Jet and Dassault 1943-73

A Royal Air Force Pilot's Tales

by Harry M. Archer
A personal reflection on 30 years’ service with the RAF ~ 1950-80
a trek to solomons throne by bruce blackney [3d]

A Trek to Solomon’s Throne & The Valley of the Assassins

by Bruce Blackney
Diary of a 1974 expedition to the Takht-e-Sulaiman Massif, Iran in the footsteps of Freya Stark
aviation history

The English Electric Lightning and Me

by Peter Bunnett
A former RAF Airframe Mechanic’s recollections of a classic jet fighter aircraft

The Avro Vulcan and Me

by Peter Bunnett
A former RAF Airframe Mechanic’s recollections of a classic jet bomber aircraft
Biography/aviation history

Goodhart : The Story of an Exceptional Man

by Richard Harris & Barrie Williams

A biography of Rear Admiral Nicholas Goodhart, CB, Legion of Merit, FRAeS, RN (1919–2011)
autobiography / humour

Bobbin' Along

by Hazel Carr
Amy's life is going swimmingly when tragedy strikes and she starts to sink...
Autobiography/verse and song lyrics

Songs & Ditties of the Fleet

by Richard Barr & Bernie Bruen
A collection of song lyrics, poems and humorous observations informed by the authors' combined experiences in the Royal Navy 1950s-1980s

There Goes the Siren

by Sheila Dobson
Childhood memories of the London Blitz and Wartime Evacuation

A Man Alone

by Peter Court
The experiences of Sgt Robert T. (Bob) Robinson who faced insubordination from his platoon in the 14th ‘Forgotten’ Army in India & Burma during World War II

Aunt Alice's War

by Douglas Walker

Alice's misguided efforts to protect the Lancashire seaside town of St Annes from enemy subterfuge during WW2 will have readers in stitches

Snakes and Cromwell

By Myles Stanistreet
A fictional tale of sex and skulduggery set in the present-day Republic of Ireland
military biography WW2

Arnhem Pilot

by Christopher Ian McArthur
The wartime exploits of Flight Lieutenant Fred Mortimore, 570 Squadron RAF

How I Got My Knees Brown

by Rupert C Extence
The Overseas Experiences of an Erk (RAF Serviceman) from Devonshire during World War Two
autobiography / humour

Deep Fried Steak, Vodka & Chai

by Richard Barr
A sailor-turned-entrepreneur’s experiences afloat and ashore in the UK and former Soviet Union

Wartime Jottings of an RAF Airman

by Griffith J Evans
A young man's experiences in the Royal Air Force 1941-46

The Enigma of 13 Sandown Road

by Jeff Pack
An inventive botanical mystery novel -- Kew Gardens will never seem the same again!

The Desert Orchids

by Robert C. Bertie
The latest in the Bill/Barrett/BlueBelles series of Air Force novels in which Bill put together another all-girl drill display team in the Middle East

Jumping Beans

by Edward Cartner
Recollections of an ‘oddball’ Royal Air Force Unit contributed by former staff members of No.1 Parachute Training School (PTS)

Unlikely Birds of Many Lands and Other Rhymes

by Ian Rae
An eclectic collection of humorous poems and Limericks
Memoir - Africa

A Copper in Calabar

by Harry Brun
Experiences of a Student Soldier and Policeman in South and West Africa 1920s-1950s

Adventures of a Trenchard Brat

by Ken Bartrop
A former Royal Air Force Apprentice’s experiences before, during and after World War II

A Pilot's Perspective

by Cedric Flood

A former airline captain's reflections on a lifetime of commercial and private flying 1950-2012

A Diver's Escapades

by Glennys E Forrester-Brown
The early life and wartime experiences of Joe Forrester – a lad from the Potteries who served in the Royal Navy as a diver during World War II
Memoir / London in WW2

I Want To Go Home

by Catherine Jacobs
Childhood memories of family life in East London before and during the Second World War

Rotterdam Remembered

by Helen Sonnet
The wartime experiences of a young Dutch girl during the Nazi occupation of Holland in WW2
RAF / WW2 memoir

Corkscrew to Safety

by Thomas G Quinlan
A Lancaster tail-gunner’s tour with 103 Squadron RAF 1944/5
military history WW2 / pets

Airborne Animals and Cockpit Companions

by Colin Pateman
An illustrated account of the various animals kept as pets and mascots by wartime airmen
historical memoir

Nothing So Strange

by Eileen Elizabeth Gidney
Memories of Life & Work in British North Borneo (now Sabah, Malaysia) in the early 1950s

Salute... He Moves!

by Group Captain Peter Holland MBE 
A personal reflection on four decades with the Royal Air Force 1952-90
RAF biography

The Elephant On My Wing

by Peter A Wright
The WW2 exploits of a 211 Squadron Blenheim pilot subsequently a POW and successful escapee
RAF memoir

Chocks & Driptrays

by Stanley Newton
Experiences of an RAF Flight Mechanic in the UK, India and Pakistan 1946-56
humorous memoir

It Was Bill's Fault

by Alf Sharpling
The comical misadventures of two would-be sea anglers in Essex, Cornwall and Wales

A Pilot's Notes

by Ian Rae

Poems of a World War 2 Royal Air Force Flying Instructor

Lollipops of Dust

by Susan Read-Lobo

Memories of an Colonial Childhood in the Bechuanaland Protectorate (now Botswana) 1955-66

Spite & Malice

by Penelope Lye

A gripping tale of sibling rivalry, betrayal, murder and revenge
aviation memoir

Aircraft Engineer

by Brian W.A. Johnson

Reflections on a 50-year career in aviation with the RAF and commercial airlines 1947-1997

The Golden Ball and The Golden String

by Eileen Elizabeth Gidney

A former schoolmistress remembers Palestine in the wartime years 1939-45
WW2 memoir

A Waggoner's War

by Fergus Fulton

A Motor Transport Driver’s Experiences in North Africa and Italy with the Royal Army Service Corps 1942-45

Going Nowhere

by Tom Eadie

A young man's experiences at home and abroad with the Royal Artillery in Malaya 1946-57
Naval memoir

Very Unable Seaman

by Richard Barr

A Junior Rating’s experiences in the Royal Navy 1958-1961

Fairy Tales of an S.A.C.

by John McGregor

A young airman’s experiences at RAF Thorney Island (and other exotic places) 1967-72
RAF memoir

Percy's Piece of the War

by Percy Shipperbottom

Exploits of an RAF High Speed Launch Wireless Operator in the UK and Far East during World War 2
military humour

Sky Laughing

by Roger Payne

A collection of true humorous stories featuring The Parachute Regiment and other Airborne Forces
RAF fiction

The Barretts of Aljibia

by Robert C Bertie

More Middle East adventures in the BlueBelles/Bill Barrett series of RAF novels
Military memoir

Moose's War

by Richard Pike

The wartime exploits of ‘Moose’ Fumerton ~ Canada’s highest-scoring night-fighter pilot of WW2

The Other Royal Air Force

by Ray Clinton

An RAF airman's experiences in the UK and Egypt in the 1951-55
Military memoir

Soldier, Adventurer and Sinner

by Charles Hebden
A former member of The Malayan Scouts ~ renamed the 22nd Special Air Service (SAS) ~ recalls his combat experiences in the Malayan jungle in the 1950s
Family history

A Cornucopia of Packs

by Jeffrey Pack
An illustrated history of the Pack family and their connection with the Kent village of Egerton over several centuries

60 More Aviation Experiences

by Jack Burgess et al
Another collection of true stories by members of the Aircrew Association
Personal memoir

Words and Wanderings

by Wallis Peel

A much-travelled and widely published author looks back on her writing career and overseas peregrinations
WW2 memoir

But Where Were the Bluebirds?

by Patricia Bending
Evocative childhood recollections of London in the 1940s ~ during World War II and its aftermath
WW2 civilian memoir

Blitz Boy

by Robert Trevor
A London boy's experiences in the Blitz and as an evacuee in rural Berkshire and Liverpool during World War Two
Historical fiction

Wings of Love

by David & Olga Benjamin
An epic historical novel set in World War 1, combining mystery, romance, action and suspense

Two Black Buffalo

by Imre Istvan Koller
True story of a Hungarian boy's survival against all odds in World War 2 and his later involvment in the Hungarian Uprising of 1956
civilian memoir

Granddad's Rainbow

by Joan Blackburn
A nostalgic memoir following the fortunes of a working-class family from Southern England during the 1940s and 50s
Historic Fiction

Children of the Wave

by John Godwin

An engaging historical novel set in 18th century Bristol at the time of the anti-slavery movement
military memoir

A Virgin Airman

by Jack Docherty
An illustrated memoir of RAF Seletar in Singapore during the 1950s and of a nostalgic return trip in 2009

A Stone's Throw Away

by Nick Horobin & Jackie Newman
Inspiring true story of a paramedic's long road to recovery after an attack on his ambulance left him with life-changing injuries
military memoir

Tigers in the Desert

by Ian H Williams
A Reservist's experiences during Op TELIC in Iraq 2003
RAF biography

Lance On High

by Humphrey Wynn

The wartime exploits of Wing Commander Lance C Wade DSO DFC ~ a Texan Spitfire pilot in the RAF
WW2 military memoir

A Diver in the Dark

by Sydney Knowles BEM
Memoir of a WW2 Royal Navy Clearance Diver and diving partner of Commander Lionel 'Buster' Crabb
aviation memoir

A Pilot's Way

by Mike Holmes
A veteran RAF and civil airline pilot looks back on 55 years of military, commercial and private flying
RAF fiction

Operation New Broom

by Robert C Bertie
Recruit training expert Bill Barrett heads for the Middle East to ply his trade in the latest novel in the Bluebelles series
Naval biography

Ships & Stars & Isles

by G.A. Taylor RNVR
Engaging account of Royal Navy service during World War II drawn from the author's letters and diaries

Troubles Trials and Travels

by Brian Edwards
True story of a local government official wrongly accused of corruption and his struggle to clear his name

Lives In Colour

by George Major
A family saga tracing the author's forebears in colonial Africa and his own colourful career as a housepainter
military fiction

The Unknown Conscript

by Peter Saunders
An true-to-life tale of National Service recruits in Cyprus during the unrest of the 1950s
WW2 memoir

I Married a Princess

by Thomas Soars
The heart-warming tale of an English RNVR officer who met and married a Persian princess during World War II and brought her home to a distinctly unglamorous life in England.
Military humour

Pull Up a Sandbag

by Jonathan Smiles

A ribald collection of stories, jokes and anecdotes contributed by a variety of British military personnel

military memoir / 1950s National Service

Sam Browne's Schooldays

by Berwick Coates
An enjoyable account of National Service in the British Army of the 1950s
military memoir

Letters Home

By Edmund Hodges
A skilled artist on National Service in Egypt and Cyprus 1955/56 illustrates his letters with paintings and sketches

Looking Backwards Over Burma

by Dennis Spencer DFC
A former Beaufighter navigator with 211 Squadron RAF recalls his full tour of duty on ops over Burma and Thailand in 1944/5

You and Your Disabled Child

by Margaret Barrett 

A wealth of valuable practical advice for parents of disabled children

Halton Drums

compiled by Keith Youldon
The History of the RAF Halton Aircraft Apprentice Pipe Band
RAF fiction

Under New Management

by Robert C Bertie
More goings-on at RAF March in this enjoyable sequel to Flagship March

Naafi, Knickers and Nijmegen

by Joan Blackburn (formerly Ratcliff)

Adventures of a WRAF Airwoman 1959-63
Army memoir

Hotspots in the Falklands (and Elsewhere)

by Major Philip Thompson MBE 
A British Soldier's experiences 1965-2003 include Aden, MalayaNorthern Ireland and the Falklands War

Lost In Training

by Harry Green 
By charting the final hours of a single Lancaster and its crew, this book pays tribute to the thousands of young RAF airmen killed during aircrew training in World War II

The Charters of Guernsey

by Tim Thornton
An annotated transcription/translation of Guernsey's historic Royal Charters dating back over 800 years
military/civilian memoir

At Your Service

by David Seeney 
Tracing the author's rise from footman to Lord Beaverbrook via the RAF to Senior Police officer 1930s-80s
RAF humour

Carry On Corporal

by Edward Cartner 
Amusing exploration of the perpetual power struggle between military officers and NCOs
RAF in WW2

Erks On Parade

by Graham Wise
A humorous look at the life of an ordinary RAF Airman in the 1950s
memoir - India

Letters from a Kashmir Memsahib

by Margaret Cloughley 
An evocative series of letters describing the author's experiences during a two-year stay in this remote Himalayan province
military history


by Brian Cloughley 
The story of the Royal Artillery's Boy Trumpeters
local history

Keep the Home Fires Burning

by John Burrell and Kevin Stock 
An illustrated social and military diary of events in the Sherburn area of County Durham 1914-1918

Landmarks in Aviation History

by Barry Smart 
An illustrated history of aviation and an international guide to aviation monuments all in one
RAF memoir

Wings Without Weapons

by Humphrey Wynn

Memoirs of a ferry pilot with RAF Transport Command in Africa, the Middle East and India during World War 2
autobiography / football

From Liverpool to Istanbul

by Michael Bailey 

Two Liverpool FC fans, a father and son, travel to Istanbul in 2005 for an unforgettable experience
Wartime memoir

Cirla's Story

by Cirla Lewis

A young Jewish girl's traumatic experiences in occupied Belgium during WW2

Dancing with Dyspraxia

by Hazel Carr 

A practical guide for Parents and Teachers of children with Dyspraxia 
Cold War history

We Blazed the Trail

edited by Robin Reid and Malcolm Cleverley 

The short but eventful history of the Civil Defence Experimental Mobile Column 1953/4
biography - rural life

The Sheep's in the Meadow ... Hopefully

by Eileen Sullivan 

The life and times of sheep farmer, lay pastor and raconteur Dave Sullivan
RAF in WW2

Love is in the Air

edited by Jeff Pack

The revealing wartime letters and memories of an RAF pilot and his WAAF officer fiancée
Military history

A Bootneck's Footsteps

by Mike Pinnock 
The author sets off on a nostalgic journey to retrace his father's movements with the Royal Marines 1921-45
aviation memoir

Climb to and Maintain

by Eric Woods
A navigator's experiences with BOAC in the postwar years


by John Forbes

An F4 Phantom crew from RAF Leuchars face a dangerous adversary in this inventive Cold War action/spy thriller
fiction / romance

The Irish Connection

by Jutta Tyler

An Irish doctor's professional and romantic escapades during World War 2
fiction / romance

In the Wake of War

by Jutta Tyler

An inspiring tale of love and friendship after the horrors of war
memoir - Africa

I Flew for Savimbi

by Simon Van Garderen
A South African bush pilot recalls his 25-year association with Angola UNITA terrorist leader Dr Jonas Savimbi
RAF history

Desert Wheels

by Bryan Blow
A pictorial history of No.51 (RAF) MT Company/Squadron of the Middle East Air Force (MEAF) 1942-56
RAF biography

Chocks Away!

by Wing Commander John Leighton Beck DFC*
The memoirs and letters of  a WW2 bomber pilot with 214 and 159 Squadrons

Gunnery Leader

by Tom Williams
The WW2 achievements of Wing Cdr Ken Bastin DFC
WW2 history

Baggy Pants & Warm Beer

by Peter Outridge
An illustrated account of the eventful six-months in 1944 when 504 Parachute Infantry Regiment of the US 82nd Airborne Division was stationed in Leicestershire

Ink in the Blood

by Barrie Williams
The former editor of three major regional newspapers looks back over his 44 years in the  news industry

60 Aviation Experiences

edited by Jack Burgess
80+ years of aviation recalled by members of the Aircrew Association
RAF fiction

Flagship March

by Robert C Bertie
The battle of the sexes continues at RAF March in this entertaining sequel to Bluebelles on Parade

The Hamburg Dossier

by John Law

A retired RAF Police officer returns to Germany to reinvestigate a 50-year-old murder mystery
Army history

Armoured Farmer - A Tankie's Tales

by Malcolm Cleverley
Amusing recollections of a tankie with 3rd Royal Tank Regiment (3RTR) during the Cold War years
RAF/medical memoir

The Rock & Roll Years of a Parachuting Medic

by Mick Thompson
The author recalls his eventful 25 years in the Medical Branch of the Royal Air Force 1957-82
military history

Bentwaters & Woodbridge

by Graham Haynes
An illustrated history of the 40-year tenure of the twin air bases in East Anglia by the US Air Force
WW1 history


by Thomas A Crawford
The First World War experiences of a soldier in the Durham Light Infantry
Naval history

Intercepted at Sea

by Leslie Howson
& John Nixon
An investigation into the human cost of insecure Royal Navy communications during two World Wars
RAF memoir World War II

The Long Haul

by William Bloxham
An aviator's memories of WW2 138 (Special Duties) Squadron and as a POW
RAF humour

Drop and Give Me Twenty!

by Rob Novak
Mischievous Memoirs of the RAF in the 1980s
RAF memoir World War II

A Member of the RAF of Indeterminate Race

by Cy Grant
The wartime experiences of a West Indian officer in the RAF
RAF memoir 1950s

An Ordinary Life

by Brian White
The life and times of an RAF family at Seletar in Singapore and elsewhere in the 1950s

A Matter of Feeling

by Arnold Brettel

A practitioner reveals his unique Buddhist/Jungian approach to psychotherapy
RAF memoir

From the Ground Up

by Alf Commons
Memoirs of a postwar RAF Technician (1946-69)
Aviation memoir

Adventures of a Flying Dutchman

by Rudolf J Idzerda
Autobiography of a WW2 pilot in the Netherlands Naval Air Service who went on to become a Rear Admiral and later a Director of the World Wildlife Fund
RAF memoir

Serving with the Blues

by Peter Bradbury
Adventures of a former RAF Bandsman whos served with No.6 Regional Band MEAF and the RAF Central Band in the 1950s

The Heart Has Room For Two

by Chris Bolton
A World War II love story
History - Scotland

An Ayrshire Shipbuilder

by Dougal McIntyre
Portrait of John McIntyre, a 19th/20th century Scottish shipbuilder

Only a Miracle

by Paul Stanton

Sequel to Milk & Honey ~ a pony is added to the family menagerie and all kinds of mayhem ensues...

Milk and Honey

by Paul Stanton
A pet donkey proves more of a challenge than its owner bargained for in this warm-hearted tale of family life that will amuse all pet-owners...
RAF fiction

Bluebelles on Parade

by Robert C Bertie
The battle of the sexes comes to a postwar RAF station when the ladies take on the men in a parade ground drill competition
RAF memoir

RAF 'Plumber'

by Michael 'Andy' Anderton
Experiences with things that go bang ~ during 30 years as an RAF Armourer 1953-83

Safari Mzuri

by Brian J. Elliott

RAF National Servicemen have a wild time in 1960's Kenya in this entertaining tale
RAF memoir

RAF National Service in Six Movements

by Roy Taylor
A RAF National Serviceman's experiences in the 1950s
REF memoir postwar

National Service Erk

by Ron Swain
A conscripted airman’s experiences with 148 Squadron 1952-3

Around the World in 80 Beds

by Gerhard Heilig
A light-hearted international oddysey between the sheets
RAF/aviation memoir

Circuits and Bumps

by Gerhard Heilig
An aviator's progress from bombers to airliners with the RAF and commercial airlines 1944-65

The Cry of the Nightjar

by Gerhard Heilig
A fictionalised but highly realistic account  of the life of a WW2 bomber pilot
Naval history

On a Sailor's Grave (No Roses Grow)

by Mike Kemble
A personal investigation into some of the greatest Maritime Disasters of the Second World War
naval memoir

A Corkhead's Chronicle

by David J. Lott
Experiences of a Royal Navy Clearance Diver 1955-76
RAF memoir World War II

Circuses, Beats and Blenheims

by Gordon Shackleton
Memoirs of a World War II Blenheim pilot who flew with 114 Squadron RAF
RAF memoir

Out of the Blue

by George Edwards BEM
Adventures of a former RAF fireman at home and abroad 1965-2005
Local/education history

The Natural History of a Country School

by Berwick Coates

A light-hearted celebration of the 150-year history of West Buckland School in Devonshire

Sweet & Sour

by Edward Cartner

Thoughtful stories that poke fun ant the absurdities of life
WW2 memoirs

Malta Remembered

edited by Frank Rixon
A collection of stories about the George Cross Island of Malta contributed by military personnel who served there during World War 2
military/civilian memoir

Inside and Out

by Robert Cosh
Entertaining memoir featuring the author's experiences in the wartime Royal Navy (1939-46) and postwar in HM Prison Service (1946-81)
family / local history

The Chutes of the Vyne

by Francis Chute
A history of the Chute family and their connection with The Vyne, their stately home in Hampshire for over 300 years
Aviation history

Air Navigation from Balloons to Concorde

Walter Blanchard (ed)
A definitive history of air navigation ~ from its primitive beginnings to satellite technology
RAF History

Post War Brats at Large

Former members of the 51st (1945) Entry of RAF Aircraft Apprentices to RAF Halton recall their experiences as 'Trenchard Brats'
Fiction/Cold War

The Diplomat's Tale

by Anton Foster

A Cold War espionage thriller in the John Le Carre mould

World War II poetry

No Poppies in the Jungle

by Kenneth Child
War Poems & Drawings depicting the Burma Campaign during World War 2
Civilian memoir

Tracks Across the Veldt

by Sam Wright
Memoirs of a former Rhodesia Railways employee, recalling the golden days of rail transport in Rhodesia 1950-76
Civilian flying

Take Up Slack

by Edward Hull
An illustrated history of the London Gliding Club and the development of the sport of gliding in the UK from 1930 onwards
WW2 memoir

Achtung Minen! Guernsey

by Henry Beckingham
The history of the German minefields on Guernsey 1940-45, told by the man in charge of removing them
Maritime memoir

Apprentice to the Red Ensign

by Mike Holmes
A Merchant Seaman's experiences in the the late 1940s with the Ellerman & Bucknell line
World War II memoir

A Boy from Soho

by Frank Gianotti
A London boy's wartime experiences at home and abroad, in the London Blitz and in Italy with the RASC
RAF in WW2

Crash Boats of Gorleston

by Tony Overill
The WW2 exploits of of No.24 Air Sea Rescue Unit of the RAF Marine Branch

From Blue to Grey

Recollections of former members of 54 Entry, Royal Air Force College, Cranwell (1949-51)

RAF reminiscences

Well, You Wanted to Fly!

edited by Jack Burgess
Aviation tales contributed by members of the Aircrew Association
Civilian memoir

Only Remember the Laughter

by June O'Carroll Robertson
Recalling a remarkable life at home and abroad, working for Norman Hartnell and Constance Spry, and much else...

As We Were

Beryl R Williams (ed.)

Former members of the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force recall their experiences in World War Two
RAF/aviation memoir

No Time on the Ground

by Ken Fitzroy
A former military, commercial and civilian pilot looks back on 50 years in the air
RAF History

Under the Red Eagle

by Frank Pearce

A personal perspective on the activities of 239 Wing of the Desert Air Force in North Africa and Italy 1942-45
RAF memoir World War II

From 1 to 1000 Horsepower

by Fergus Davidson

Experiences of a Scottish WW2 fighter pilot with 534, 91 and 229 Squadrons of the RAF

Prestwick's Pioneer

by Dougal McIntyre

Biography of David F. McIntyre, first pilot to fly over Everest and founder of Scottish Aviation
Naval memoir

This is My Story, This is My Song

by Ray Oram

Experiences of a WW2 Landing Craft (Tank) Skipper in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and on D-Day...
RAF biography

Fly High - Fly Low

by Eric Morgan

The three remarkable aviation careers of Leslie R Colquhoun DFC, GM, DFM - WW2  Reconnaissance Pilot; Supermarine Test Pilot and Vickers Hovercraft Pioneer
RAF history

619 : The History of a Forgotten Squadron

by Bryan Clark

The rediscovered history of a WW2 bomber squadron
Civilian memoir

Liverpool Tales

by John Williams
A diverse collection of entertaining stories from a gifted Liverpudlian raconteur
RAF humour

Chips for Breakfast

by Terry O'Reilly

Humorous account of the culture shock experienced by new recruits during induction and basic training in the Royal Air Force of the 1950s
World War II memoir

Gone, But Not Forgotten

by Stanley Blackmore
Nostalgic recollections of a wartime schoolboy in rural Leicestershire that will strike a chord with all who grew up during WW2
RAF memoir

Mike's Memoirs

by FW 'Mike' Hunt

Experiences of an airman with 615 Squadron 1934-46
RAF memoir

Swinging the Lamp

by Ted Bedwell
Amusing nautical tales from a former 'webfoot' coxwain of the RAF Marine Branch
RAF in WW2 memoir

A Virginian in Best Blue

by Parke F Smith

An American pilot's experiences in the RAF 1942-46
RAF memoir

Adventures on the Infinite Highway

by Peter Rivington

The airborne experiences of an RAF and airline pilot 1938-62
Maritime memoir

Red Duster Recollections

by Ron Tubb

A former Merchant Seaman recalls his experiences before and during World War Two

The Impotence of Being Charlie

by Charles Gonda

Sex and skulduggery on a postwar RAF air base
WW2 history

The Exbury Junkers: A WW2 Mystery

by John Stanley

Curious tale of a lone German Ju188 aircraft shot down at Exbury in 1944 under mysterious circumstances
RAF memoir

In Defence of the Realm

by Peter Voyse

An erk-some account of the author's RAF National Service from 1954-56

Why Did We Join?

by Eileen Smith

An entertaining account of the author's wartime years as a WAAF at RAF East Kirkby in Lincolnshire

Thirteen Ghost Stories

by Alexander Kinghorn

A collection of paranormal tales in the style of M.R. James
Medical biography

Oscar's Father

by David Stevens
The fascinating story of William Robert Wills Wilde, father of Oscar Wilde - an eminent surgeon and well-known Dublin eccentric
RAF memoir

People, Planes & Providence

by Ian Roxburgh

Former RAF pilot recalls flying many of the most famous aircraft of the 40s and 50s
RAF memoir

More Tales of a Bomber Command WAAF

by Sylvia Pickering

Further recollections of a WAAF posted to 5 Group Headquarters, Moreton Hall
Autobiography - family life

Boys & Other Animals

by Josephine Duggan Rees

Amusing portrait of family life in rural England in the 1950s, 60s and 70s
Military memoir

Parachutes, Princes & Predicaments

by Edward Cartner

The amusing story of the author's efforts to teach Prince Charles and Prince Andrew to parachute jump in 1978
World War II memoir

Operation Ladbroke From Dream to Disaster

by Alec Waldron

A first hand account of the planning, execution and ultimate failure of the glider assault on Sicily in July 1943
Local history/memoir

Bygone Bognor Regis & Chichester

by Sylvia Olliver

A portrait of life in these neighbouring West Sussex towns from the 1930s to 60s
RAF in WW2

Carried on the Wind

by Sean Feast

The wartime exploits of a Special Duties Operator with 101 Squadron

A Beat Around the Bush

by Alastair Tompkins
Experiences of a British officer in the Kenya Police during the 1950s and 60s
RAF/aviation memoir

Observations from the Tower

by John Kilburn
A nostalgic look back on a long and eventful career in aviation as an air traffic controller

A History of RAF Waddington 1916-1945

by Raymond Leach

A detailed history of this important RAF base in Lincolnshire spanning two world wars

Wheels Up!

by Bob Price

A nostalgic recollection of the bygone era of the RAF Boy Entrant Scheme
RAF in WW2

An Erk's-Eye View of World War Two

by Ted Mawdsley

Recalling the invaluable work of RAF Bomber Command groundcrew in WW2

The Battle of Britain: Victory & Defeat

by Jack Dixon

A detailed study of the controversial dismissal of Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding after the Battle of Britain

Hunt Like a Tiger

by Tom Docherty

Illustrated history of 230 Squadron and its Sunderland flying boats 1939-45

My 'Best Blue' Days

by Reg Chiddick

Enjoyable account of the author's RAF National Service in the 1950s
RAF history / memoir

Red Arrows: The Inside Story

by Tony Cunnane

A personal insight into the activities of the RAF's world famous aerobatic display team
World War II memoir

Espionage Behind the Wire

by Howard Greville

The secret history of intelligence gathering by Allied prisoners of war during World War II
RAF history

A History of The King's / Queen's Flight

Sowerby & Frost (eds)

Chronicle of the elite RAF unit responsible for the air transport of the Royal Family from 1936-1995


by Jutta Tyler

A tale of intrigue in Poland at the time of Solidarnosc
fiction / romance

The Summer House

by Jutta Tyler

In Cold War Berlin, a summer house on the river Havel is a rendezvous for escapees from the East

biography / social history

A Little School on the Downs

by Mary Bowmaker

How Victorian teacher Harriet Finlay Johnson made a tiny Sussex school world famous
Memoir - India

A Passage to Peshawar

by Bill Precey

Misadventures of a young officer in the Indian Army during WW2

The Brats

by Tony Paul

Four young stowaways from Greenock endure cruel mistreatment on a transatlantic voyage in this real-life seafaring adventure set in 1868
Local history


by Mary Barber

Detailed illustrated history of this Sussex community from ancient times to the present
Local history - Sussex

A Portrait of Slindon

by Josephine Duggan Rees

Enjoyable history of this West Sussex village from ancient times to the present
RAF humour

Who Is In Charge Here?

by Edward Cartner
Now a senior officer, our hero is still trying (and failing) to impress his superiors and control his subordinates

From Port T to RAF Gan

by Peter Doling

Colourful history of the remote military base at Addu Atoll in the Maldive Islands 1941-76

To Strive and not to Yield

by Dennis West

The activities of 626 Squadron RAF during the Battle of Berlin in WW2
biography - the arts

A Lass Unparalleled

by Keith Connelly
A celebration of the life and work of highly-respected British stage and screen actress Susan Fleetwood

On Laughter-Silvered Wings

by Howard A Hughes
Entertaining biography of charismatic Irish aviator Paddy Kirkwood ~ a WW2 bomber pilot and postwar airline captain with BEA

Tales of a Bomber Command WAAF

by Sylvia Pickering

 A former WAAF recalls life at wartime RAF bomber airfields Cottesmore and Coningsby

Algiers to Anzio with 72 & 111 Squadrons

by Greggs Farish and Mike McCaul

The diaries and letters of a Spitfire squadron Engineer Officer in Africa and Italy during WW2

Capital City Paramedic

by John Kinsley

Experiences of a London Ambulanceman 1975-82

Nobody Unprepared

by Vernon Holland

A record of the activities of 78 Squadron RAF Bomber Command in WW2
RAF history

Seletar: Crowning Glory

by David Taylor

An informal history of RAF Seletar, the Royal Air Force base in Singapore, from its earliest origins to the departure of the RAF in 1971, illustrated with many vintage photos
RAF History

Wot? No Engines?

by Alan Cooper

First-hand accounts from airborne participants in Operation 'Varsity' ~ the Rhine crossing of March 1945
WW2 military memoir

Kaladan Mortars

by Michael Clarke

Experiences of an officer with a mortar battery in Burma during WW2
ghost stories

Haunted Inns of the Chilterns & Thames Valley

by Roger Long

A humorous look at pubs and the paranormal in the heart of old England

The Wheel of the Law

by Duncan Forbes

International tales from a renowned travel writer
Korean War memoir

Pluck Under Fire

by John Pluck

A former regular soldier with the Middlesex Regiment looks back on his experiences during the Korean War
Civilian memoir

Just a Butcher's Boy

by Christopher Bolton
This nostalgic look at small-town life in the UK during the 1950s will delight all those old enough to remember the era depicted