Oddments & Curios

A few books that do not fit readily into any single category...


Earnest Revisited

by Christopher Nassaar
Oscar Wilde's play is given a novel make-over in this clever reworking of the original play into prose

Edwin's Exploits

by Richard Biddlecombe
Edwin's exploits include a career in television and involvement with a controversial church which picks a wife for him...

autobiography / football

From Liverpool to Istanbul

by Michael Bailey 

Two Liverpool FC fans, a father and son, travel to Istanbul in 2005 for an unforgettable experience
ghost stories

Haunted Inns of the Chilterns & Thames Valley

by Roger Long

A humorous look at pubs and the paranormal in the heart of old England
WW2 memoir

I Married a Princess

by Thomas Soars
The heart-warming tale of an English RNVR officer who met and married a Persian princess during World War II and brought her home to a distinctly unglamorous life in England.
History / Religion

Impress of Eternity

by Paul McNamee

A personal investigation into the authenticity of Turin shroud
humorous memoir

It Was Bill's Fault

by Alf Sharpling
The comical misadventures of two would-be sea anglers in Essex, Cornwall and Wales
World War II poetry

No Poppies in the Jungle

by Kenneth Child
War Poems & Drawings depicting the Burma Campaign during World War 2


by Mike Jupp

A hilarious modern-day fairytale for older kids and grown-ups

The Boy, The Mystery & the Open Book

by Jeff Pack
A Partial Autobiography, A Psychological Selfie or a Cock & Bull Story? One Man's attempt at self-analysis

The Charters of Guernsey

by Tim Thornton
An annotated transcription/translation of Guernsey's historic Royal Charters dating back over 800 years
World War II mystery

The Exbury Junkers: A WW2 Mystery

by John Stanley

Curious tale of a lone German Ju188 aircraft shot down at Exbury in 1944 under mysterious circumstances

The Golden Ball and The Golden String

by Eileen Elizabeth Gidney

A former schoolmistress remembers Palestine in the wartime years 1939-45
Local/education history

The Natural History of a Country School

by Berwick Coates

A light-hearted celebration of the 150-year history of West Buckland School in Devonshire

The Wheel of the Law

by Duncan Forbes

International tales from a renowned travel writer

Thirteen Ghost Stories

by Alexander Kinghorn

A collection of paranormal tales in the style of M.R. James
Local history

This House

by Jeff Pack

The remarkable history of a suburban villa in North Ealing, its owners/residents since 1901 and its surrounding square mile in Pitshanger village

Troubles Trials and Travels

by Brian Edwards
True story of a local government official wrongly accused of corruption and his struggle to clear his name

Two Black Buffalo

by Imre Istvan Koller
True story of a Hungarian boy's survival against all odds in World War 2 and his later involvment in the Hungarian Uprising of 1956
social / local history

SMEC Its History

by Leonard & Guy A-R-West
An illustrated history of Scale Model Equipment Co Ltd of Steyning, Sussex, England 1946-1960