Hunt Like a Tiger

Woodfield Publishing Ltd
ISBN 1-903953-37-5
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  • softback
  • Large format: 290 x 205 mm
  • 208 pages
  • over 100 monochrome photos

by Tom Docherty

Illustrated history of 230 Squadron and its Sunderland flying boats 1939-45
This illustrated history of a flying boat squadron in action is a must-read for all Short Sunderland enthusiasts

Tom Docherty introduces it as follows:

"While serving on No 230 Squadron in the 1990s, it occurred to me that the history of the former flying boat squadrons of the RAF was very poorly recorded and that those serving beyond the areas of Coastal Command and the Battle of the Atlantic were particularly badly served.

Accordingly, I decided to set down the history of No 230 Squadron during World War 2 and in the course of my research discovered that it was a military unit with an incredible pedigree.

The Squadron started the war in the Far East in Singapore but in the course of its wartime service its aircraft and personnel saw action in North Africa, the Mediterranean, the Aegean, Greece, Crete, East Africa, Ceylon, Madagascar and Burma before completing the circle and returning to RAF Seletar in Singapore.

The crews of the Squadron engaged in dogfights with Italian and German fighters, made the sighting which resulted in the Battle of Cape Matapan, sank Italian submarines in the Mediterranean, worked behind Japanese lines with the Chindits and attacked Japanese shipping along the coast of Burma ... all using Sunderland Flying Boats in a role more commonly expected of a fighter-bomber!"

All this and more in covered in detail in this large format book, accompanied by first-hand accounts from WW2 veterans and many historical photographs of the squadron and its aircraft, making this book a must-have for former 230 Squadron personnel or anyone interested in the history of the Short Sunderland Flying Boat.