The Cherkassy Incident

Woodfield Publishing Ltd
ISBN 1-903953-05-7

by Hunter Carlyle

A Russian submarine with nuclear missiles on board sinks in the Barents Sea and a group of terrorists attempt to grab them in this tense international thriller
When a Russian nuclear submarine sinks on excercises in the Barents Sea a group of fanatical terrorists from the Middle East plan to steal its deadly armament of nuclear missiles.

Can they be stopped?

An unlikely coalition of allies and former enemies is hastily brought together by the International Community to combat the terrorist threat. They are forced to resort to unconventional tactics as the novel builds towards its shattering climax ...

In this dramatic action thriller, author Stuart Riddick, writing under the pen-name Hunter Carlyle, has made good use of his extensive personal knowledge of the former Soviet Union to create an original and highly-charged novel, based on a scenario that could easily happen for real...