The Impotence of Being Charlie

ISBN 1-903953-58-8
  • softback
  • 212 pages
  • 140 x 205 mm

by Charles Gonda

Sex and skulduggery on a postwar RAF air base

For Charlie and his three pals – all young RAF airmen stationed on a base in Yorkshire – life in the RAF is something of a let-down. The war is over and they have taken the place of the real heroes who fought in the conflict. Now there is little to do but go through the motions of military routine and strike up romantic dalliances with the young ladies of the WAAF who serve alongside them at the camp.

But their life indolence and casual sex takes a nasty turn when a violent rape occurs on the base.

Through a series of mishaps, Charlie finds himself the prime suspect and must fight to clear his name.

An exciting denoument awaits when he discovers the identity of the real rapist...