The Diplomat's Tale

ISBN 1-903953-89-8
Fiction/Cold War
  • page size 156 x 234 mm
  • 481 pages
  • 240,000 words

by Anton Foster

A Cold War espionage thriller in the John Le Carre mould

The Diplomat’s Tale is a story set in the early 1960s, when the Cold War was at its height and the world teetered on the brink of extinction.

A British nuclear scientist goes missing from the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment (AWRE) at Aldermaston. He carries with him the secrets of a new, terrible weapon.

Gradually MI5 personnel come to realise that there is more. Soviet moles and sleepers are activated, so is a snatch squad, as the KGB and the GRU also join the chase, triggering MI6 and the CIA into action and finally the SAS.

The story that takes the reader from sixties England to Franco’s Spain and involves intelligence services personnel from London, Moscow and Washington.