An Ordinary Life

ISBN 1-84683-016-8
RAF memoir 1950s
  • softback
  • 140 x 205mm
  • 200 pages
  • b/w photos
by Brian White
The life and times of an RAF family at Seletar in Singapore and elsewhere in the 1950s
In this forthright and entertaining book, octogenarian Betty White looks back on a lifetime of experiences at home and abroad and recalls them in her own words, lovingly transcribed by her son Brian to form this narrative.

The result is a charming and effervescent memoir, charting the course of her ‘ordinary life’ – which turns our to have had more than its fair share of extraordinary moments.

Many of her reminiscences are far from ordinary, particularly those of Singapore, where she and her RAF airman husband, who she always referred to as ‘Chalks’, lived for several years when he was posted to RAF Seletar in the 1950s.

And there are memories of other RAF establishments to which her husband (serving in the Marine Branch of the RAF) was posted; these included RAF Mount Batten at Plymouth, Calshot and Tangmere.

The many events of their long and happy married life are described in a converational style that is easy to read and will appeal to anyone who, like them, worked and raised a family in the postwar era, particularly those who also served in the British Armed Forces during those years.