Drop and Give Me Twenty!

ISBN 1-84683-022-2
RAF humour
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by Rob Novak
Mischievous Memoirs of the RAF in the 1980s

Newly-trained RAF mechanic Rob Novak is as mischievous as they come. He fills his workmate’s toolbox to the brim with grease, saws his friend’s bike part through so it falls in half on his way home and is threatened with having a moose’s head shoved up his bottom at his first RAF Christmas party...

"Vengeance was the order of the day," he remembers, "and I always said, ‘whatever you do to me, I’ll get ya back double!’ Well... what else was there to do?

In this hilarious account of his years in uniform in the 1980s, which included a tour on the Falkland Isles, he recalls a wide variety of amusing incidents and situations which occurred in the line of duty, not to mention the pranks and practical jokes he and his colleagues played on each other.

His comical musings are sure to entertain anyone with a military background and will be an eye-opener to those unfamiliar with what really goes on behind the scenes in HM Armed Forces!

details: softback | 140 x 205 mm | 225 pages
genre: military memoir /military humour
themes: RAF in the 1980s/90s | life in the Armed Forces | military humour
readership: military historians / aviation enthusiasts / general readers