Landmarks in Aviation History

ISBN 1-84683-036-2
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by Barry Smart 
An illustrated history of aviation and an international guide to aviation monuments all in one

As well as being an enjoyable illustrated history of aviation from its earliest beginnings to the present day, this book is also a catalogue of the ‘landmarks’ to be found in the UK, Europe and the USA, commemorating many of the important events and colourful personalities who contributed the progress of aviation.

In compiling his list of landmarks, Barry Smart has uncovered a wealth of interesting information and insight into the lives of the often eccentric individuals whose obsessive interest in flight compelled them to take to the skies, regardless of the risk to life and limb.

Many landmarks ~ placed at the spot where these pioneer aviators fell to their deaths ~ are sombre reminders of the dangers inherent in Man’s early attempts to fly.

Others, however, are celebrations of notable achievements or ‘firsts’ ~ such as the first ever balloon flight or the first crossing of the English Channel or the Atlantic.

Yet more ‘landmarks’ are to be found in aviation museums, where many fine examples of historically important vintage aircraft can be viewed at leisure by aviation enthusiasts and historians.

The locations of all these landmarks are given, making this an excellent guidebook for those who wish to incorporate a visit to any of these shrines to aviation into their holiday plans.

binding softback
page size 205 x 290 mm
pages 254
illustrations many in colour and b/w