Under New Management

ISBN 1-84683-055-9
RAF fiction
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  • softback
  • 140 x 205mm
  • 300 pages
  • text only
by Robert C Bertie
More goings-on at RAF March in this enjoyable sequel to Flagship March

In the third part of Bob Bertie's enjoyable trilogy we once again catch up with the male and female staff of the imaginary postwar airbase RAF March, and as usual at the centre of the action is Station Warrant Officer Bill Barrett, a master of diplomacy and personnel management.

As usual, the powers-that-be at the Air Ministry have been busy coming up with hare-brained schemes and issuing orders which must be somehow put into practice by Bill and his trusted band colleagues.

Once again, all his cunning and experience will be required to achieve the desired objective.

  • High level changes are made at Command HQ and RAF March.
  • What will be the outcome when the new Wing Commander comes face to face with Warrant Officer Bill Barrett, the man he dubs his arch enemy?
  • Will the new AOC accept Bill Barrett’s plan to relieve the promotion blockage and is their close camaraderie causing unrest ‘in t’ mill’?
  • Flight Lieutenant Georgina (Betty) Grable and Warrant Officer Mary Butcher are on the AOC’s carpet but who will be given the ‘Order of the Boot’?
  • Why has WO Mary Butcher chosen to leave the Service?
  • Once more Corporal Alice Springs proves she is no pushover as another self-styled macho Corporal Drill Instructor bites the dust.
  • And Squadron Leader (Wings) Cody opens a ‘can of worms’ ... with disastrous results.