Per Ardua Pro Patria

ISBN 1-873203-50-0
RAF memoir World War II
  • softback
  • 140 x 205 mm
  • 150 pages
  • monochrome photos

by Dennis Wiltshire

The traumatic experiences of an RAF airman in WW2

Dennis Wiltshire's honest and revealing account of his traumatic experiences whilst on active duty with the Royal Air Force during World War II, will come as a revelation to all those who believe that life in the wartime RAF was all 'beer and skittles'.

It is probably true to say that all the young airmen who survived flying with RAF bomber command suffered some kind of psychological damage as a result of their wartime experiences.

Dennis was no exception, and after a particularly stressful incident over Germany, suffered from what nowadays would probably be termed 'post-traumatic shock'.

However, to succumb to one's fears was regarded as weakness at the time, and little sympathy was shown to those who 'cracked' under pressure. The dreaded stigma of L. M. F. (lack of moral fibre) hung over the heads of all those unable to keep a stiff upper lip.

Dennis was eventually given an honourable discharge by the RAF when they realised that his complaint was genuine, but his description of what he went through in order to convince them will be an education to all who read it.