The Life & Times of a 20th Century Farmer's Boy

ISBN 1-903953-01-4
Civilian memoir
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by Nick Adames

Following the fortunes of three generations a Sussex farming family during 100 years of rural change

In this entertaining family saga Nick Adames records the activities of three generations of his family whose lives, between them, spanned the entire 20th century. During that time the rural community where their family farm is located has changed beyond recognition and the way of life of his grandfather's generation has vanished forever, echoing changes that have taken place throughout the UK.

In the course of relating the ups and downs of his own family's fortunes, the author touches upon a wide variety of issues, such as modern farming practices and their impact on the countryside and its wildlife, the dwindling number of people employed on the land and its effect on rural communities, the economics of farming, the EU quota system, foot and mouth disease and much else in the course of an intelligent and well-written account that will be of great interest to anyone with a farming background ~ or indeed anyone with an interest in the social history of the countryside and its inhabitants.

The book also contains a number of interesting period photographs dating back as far as the 1890s.

details softback | 140 x 205mm | 330 pages | b/w photos