On Laughter-Silvered Wings

Woodfield Publishing Ltd
ISBN 1-903953-23-5
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by Howard A Hughes
Entertaining biography of charismatic Irish aviator Paddy Kirkwood ~ a WW2 bomber pilot and postwar airline captain with BEA

Anyone with more than a passing interest in aviation will find much to amuse them in this affectionate biography in which Howard A Hughes records the life and times of his friend and mentor Paddy Kirkwood, an amiable Irish aviator whose stories about his flying days were so entertaining that Hughes determined to record them for posterity.

A bomber pilot with 630 Squadron during World War II, Kirkwood went on to become an airline captain with BEA in the postwar years, when he and his 'Irish Crew' became legendary amongst airline colleagues for their high spirits and fondness for pranks and practical jokes. The tales of their airborne antics make for entertaining reading.

Details softback | 270 pages | monochrome photographs