Soldier, Adventurer and Sinner – Memories of the SAS

by Charles Hebden
A former member of The Malayan Scouts  –  renamed the 22nd Special Air Service (SAS)  –  recalls his combat experiences in the Malayan jungle  during the 1950s
The Tall Man Who Never Slept by James Bradley

The Tall Man Who Never Slept

by James Bradley
Biography of Cyril Wild, a British officer who played a significant role in Singapore during World War 2

The Unknown Conscript

by Peter Saunders
A true-to-life tale of National Service recruits in Cyprus during the unrest of the 1950s.

Tigers in the Desert

by Ian H. Williams
A Territorial Army reservist's Gulf War experiences during Operation TELIC, Iraq 2003.

Tommy – a World War I soldiers story

by Thomas A Crawford
Experiences of a typical British soldier in the Durham Light Infantry during the Great War 1914/18

Trumpeters - Boy Soldiers of the Royal Artillery

by strong>Brian Cloughley
The story of the Royal Artillery's Boy Trumpeters or 'badgies' who served in the British Army and Indian Army until the 1940s.

Twelve Days in the Battle for Monte Cassino

by Peter Bunnett
An eyewitness account from the log of Bombardier Ronald Patrick Bunnett of the Royal Artillery, March 1944

Will We Fly Above Those Clouds?

by Michael P Sutton
A pilot's varied experiences with the RN Fleet Air Arm, De Havilland, JC Bamford, Lear Jet and Dassault 1943-73.