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Masai Mara : The Savage Plains

masai mara - the savage plains by guy west (cover 3d)
ISBN 978-184683-192-8
by Guy West
A gripping adventure novel set in Kenya focusing on the illegal activities of ivory poachers and those who work to thwart them.

About Time an' All

about time - sheila dobson (3d image)
ISBN 9-781-84683-191-1
by Sheila Dobson
A personal investigation into Dreams, Archetypes & the Collective Unconscious inspired by the life and works of Carl Jung

The Dreyse Military Needle Ignition System

The Dreyse by Leo & Guy A-R-West
ISBN 978-1-84683-190-4
Researched, written & illustrated by Leonard & Guy A-R-West FHBSA
An illustrated history of one of the first breech-loading firearms and its innovative needle-ignition mechanism

A Very British Standard

A Very British Standard by Peter Bunnett
ISBN 978-1-84683-189-8
by Peter Bunnett
An RAF Airman’s experiences in the UK & Europe during the Cold War years 1967-72

The Modèle 1866 ‘Chassepot’

The Model 1866 Chassepot by Guy & Leo A-R-West
ISBN 978-1-84683-187-4
Written & illustrated by Guy & Leonard A-R-West FHBSA
An illustrated history of one of the first breech-loading firearms and its innovative needle-ignition mechanism

Around the World in 80 Delays

Around the World in 80 Delays by Richard Ling
ISBN 978-1-84683-185-0
by Richard Ling
A former armaments expert looks back on his varied career as an international salesman in the arms, aviation and petrochemical industries 1975-2010

Bull, Bombs & Britannias

Bull, Bombs & Britannias by Richard Ling
ISBN 978-1-84683-182-9
by Richard Ling
A former Boy Entrant looks back on his globetrotting career with the RAF 1961-75 as an Armourer, bomb disposal expert and Bristol Britannia loadmaster

Looking Up at the Sky by C.B. 'Sid' Adcock

Looking Up at the Sky by Sid Adcock
ISBN 978-1-84683-184-3
by Group Captain C.B. 'Sid' Adcock
A former Hastings and VC10 pilot looks back on a 50-year career in the Royal Air Force 1960–2010

SMEC Its History

smec its history by leo & guy a-r-west (cover) 3d
ISBN 978-184683-178-2
by Leonard & Guy A-R-West
An illustrated history of Scale Model Equipment Co Ltd of Steyning, Sussex, England 1946-1960

Twelve Days in the Battle for Monte Cassino

twelve days in the battle for monte cassino by peter bunnett
ISBN 9781-84683-177-5
by Peter Bunnett
An eyewitness account from the log of Bombardier Ronald Patrick Bunnett of the Royal Artillery, March 1944

Grain, Planes & Coffee Machines

grain, planes & coffee machines by graham wise (cover) 3d
ISBN 9781-84683-181-2
by Graham Wise
A Memoir - 1937-2000 One man’s journey from a small Kentish island to Mars & beyond (via the Royal Air Force)

The World of a Latchkey Kid

latchkey kid - oliver (cover) 3d
ISBN 1-84683-175-1
by John Oliver
The life and times of a London-born naval officer, television sound engineer, musician and yachtsman 1931-2007

Will's War

wills war (cover) 3d
ISBN 9781-84683-176-8
by Jeanette Upshall
A Soldier’s Experiences with the Somerset Light Infantry in India & Mesopotamia 1913-19

Edwin's Exploits

edwins exploits (cover) 3d
ISBN 978-1-84683-179-9
by Richard Biddlecombe
Edwin's exploits include a career in television and involvement with a controversial church which picks a wife for him...

Wings for Sale

wings for sale - barry lloyd (cover) 3d
ISBN 9781-84683-180-5
by Barry Lloyd
Worldwide experiences of an aircraft salesman 1981-94

Twin Bases Remembered

Twin Bases Remembered by Norman Rose
ISBN 978-184683-174-4
by Norman Rose
A personal history of the RAF and USAF at Bentwaters & Woodbridge 1943-1993


Gyorgy by Gyorgy Nadasdy and Julia Pinner
ISBN 978-184683-172-0

by Gyorgy Nadasdy & Julia Pinner

Experiences of a teenage Freedom Fighter in the 1956 Hungarian Uprising & the years in exile that followed