On Land

Books featuring the activities of land-based military personnel at home and abroad during the Second World War

2297 - A POWs Story

by John Lawrence
A former POW tells of his five years as a captive in Eastern Europe in WW2.

A Boy from Soho

by Frank Gianotti
A Londoner's experiences at home and abroad during World War II, as a teenager in the London Blitz and later serving in Italy with the RASC

A Journey from Blandford – a Truck Drivers Memories of World War II

by B.A. Jones
Wartime adventures of a motorcycle dispatch rider and truck driver 1939-46 including Dunkirk, North Africa supporting the Eighth Army, D-Day and the liberation of Brussels.

A Man Alone – A True Story of Mutiny in the Ranks

by Peter Court | The experiences of Sgt Robert T. (Bob) Robinson who faced insubordination from his platoon in the 14th ‘Forgotten’ Army in Burma during World War II

A Passage to Peshawar

by Bill Precey
Adventures of a young officer in the Indian Army during WW2

A Waggoners War – an RASC driver in World War II

by Fergus Fulton
A Motor Transport Driver’s Experiences in North Africa and Italy with the Royal Army Service Corps 1942-45.

Achtung Minen! Guernsey

by Henry Beckingham
The history of the German minefields on Guernsey 1940-45, told by the man in charge of removing them.

El Alamein to Salonika via Monte Cassino

Captain R.A. Alston-Roberts-West, MC's Second World War journals offer a unique personal perspective on the campaigns in North Africa, Italy, and Greece.

Espionage Behind the Wire

by Howard Greville
The  secret history of a British intelligence network operating within German prisoner of war camps during World War II

From Horses to Chieftains

by Richard Napier
A soldier's journey from boyhood to battle-hardened veteran with the 8th Hussars 1935-59

Get Some In!

by Mervyn Base
Adventures of an RAF Bomb Disposal Expert in World War II.

Kaladan Mortars

by Michael Clarke
Experiences of  a British officer of the Forgotten 14th Army who commanded a mortar battery of Nigerian bombardiers in Burma during WW2.

Malta Remembered – by those who were there during World War II

edited by Frank Rixon
A collection of stories about the George Cross Island of Malta contributed by military personnel who served there during the Second World War.

No Poppies in the Jungle

by Kenneth Child
A collection of poems & drawings depicting the Burma Campaign of the "forgotten" 14th Army during World War 2
The Tall Man Who Never Slept by James Bradley

The Tall Man Who Never Slept

by James Bradley
Biography of Cyril Wild, a British officer who played a significant role in Singapore during World War 2

Twelve Days in the Battle for Monte Cassino

by Peter Bunnett
An eyewitness account from the log of Bombardier Ronald Patrick Bunnett of the Royal Artillery, March 1944