UXB Volume 2

Bomb Disposal
ISBN 1-873203-76-4
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Our second book saluting the hazardous work of  Bomb Disposal and explosive ordnance disposal personnel includes contributions from the USA and other parts of the world.

Our second book of stories highlighting the activities of bomb disposal BD or explosive ordinance disposal EOD personnel includes contributions from the US Armed Forces and covers a period from World War II to the Gulf War. Once again they describe in detail the variety of work undertaken by members of this hazardous profession all over the world in often challenging conditions, making safe all manner of armaments, including bombs and missiles grenades and mines.

UXB Volume II follows on from the success of Woodfield's RAF/UXB (the first book ever published to record specifically the exploits of the Royal Air Force’s own Bomb Disposal Squads).

This second volume contains contributions from a variety of BD experts, who tell of their scariest and funniest moments in the pursuit of their unusual trade.

This time they are joined by contributions from further afield: 

  • two American BD men who served in the UK and overseas during WW2 alongside the RAF;
  • the unusual tale of a Merchant Navy Crew who had to form their own impromptu bomb disposal squad whilst serving on ‘the Murmansk run’ in WW2;
  • a detailed description of anti-terrorist bomb disposal activities in Cyprus in 1974;
  • more recent tales from a BD veteran of the Gulf War;
  • plus many more descriptions of the lucky escapes, unusual occurrences and nasty surprises that are all part of bomb disposal work.

There is also a roll of honour, listing all known RAF Bomb Disposal personnel killed or wounded in the line of duty.