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An Anglo-Indian Orphan
ISBN 9781-84683-193-5
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by Grace Turner (nee Sajida Arnold)

An Anglo-Indian orphan's inspiring life story.

Available in softback or hardback versions.

Grace Turner (nee Sajida Arnold) is Anglo-Indian, born in India in 1931. Her father was William Channing Arnold, an Englishman and her mother, Zohra, was a Rajputana princess.

In this entertaining book the author tells her unusual life story.

In 1938 her father was murdered near his home in Sultanpur, in a religiously motivated attack and when her mother died soon afterwards, Grace, now an orphan, was made a Ward of the Court. The remainder of her childhood was spent at the India Christian Mission (ICM), aptly known as ‘the colony of courage’, whose occupants lived in rudimentary conditions, housed in tents and grass shacks in rural surroundings.

In 1946 Grace travelled to the USA and spent two years there, assisting Kathleen Combes with deputation and fundraising work for the ICM. As can be imagined, the long sea voyage and subsequent experiences of life in the US came as a huge ‘culture shock’ for a teenage girl who had grown up in India in such frugal circumstances.

On returning to India in May 1948, Grace became actively involved with Reverend Max Strong and his wife Shirley, whom she had met in the USA, in laying the foundations of a new orphanage called the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission (GSAM), located in primitive surroundings in rural India, where wild animals roamed freely.

Despite the challenges faced by its pioneers, the GSAM is still flourishing to this day, with hundreds of orphan children being cared for by the son-in-law and family of Rev Max and Shirley Strong.

Grace met her future husband at the GSAM and they were married there in 1952, subsequently leaving to start a new life together, eventually emigrating to England in 1980 and settling in Chatham, Kent.

Now in her nineties, Grace still lives in the UK.

Grace/Sajida Arnold in America, Christmas 1947.

Grace with Shirley Strong and family bound for India, 1948.

Grace and Oliver Turner married, 1952.



The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission, which Grace helped to found with Revd Max & Shirley Strong, is still thriving today…

details softback | 86 pages text and photos
genre autobiography / memoir
locaton India 1930s-1970s