The Development of the Podewils & Werder rifles of the Bavarian Army

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ISBN 978-1-84683-198-0
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Featuring the Podewils-Lindner-Braumuhl Model 58/66 the Werder Model 69 & the Mauser Model 71 Patrone

Researched, written & illustrated by Leonard & Guy A-R-West FHBSA

This book, the third in a series by authors Guy and Leonard Alston-Roberts-West, is the culmination of decades of collecting, researching, and shooting antique guns.

It is the only book in English dedicated to these historic weapons, and it is an invaluable resource for collectors, dealers, and antique firearm aficionados.

It is jam-packed with extensive information about the weapon's history and inner workings, as well as information about maker's markings and other data that can be used to identify the manufacturers of the numerous rifle models produced in different countries.

There is also detailed information about the ammunition needed for these antique arms and the methods used by the authors to recreate it in order to evaluate the weapons on the firing range.

In this, their third book in a series on 19th Century military weaponry, Guy and Leonard Alston-Roberts-West explore the evolution of Bavarian Podewils and Werder rifles in the late 1860s.
This crucial epoch witnessed the transition from the smooth-bore muzzle-loading musket to the rifled-barrel, breech-loading metallic cartridge era, beginning with the introduction of the first purpose-built percussion musket (M.1842) and ending with the Bavarian Army’s acceptance of Podewils (M.1866) and Werder (M.1869).
During the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, the Bavarian army witnessed first-hand the deadly effect of the Prussian army’s Dreyse breech-loading needle-ignition rifle and quickly rearmed themselves, albeit with a compromise – a breech-loading modification of their previous muzzle-loading rifle.
 This was the Podewils/Lindner M.1866, which was employed in the 1870-71 conflict alongside the ultra-modern Werder M.1869, perhaps the best rifle deployed at the time.
The authors have evaluated these weapons by live-firing them with reproduction ammunition meticulously reconstructed from historical drawings in order to replicate as accurately as possible the experience of Bavarian riflemen of the day.
Because the ammunition for these firearms is as historic as the rifles themselves, it is covered in detail, as is the process of replicating the cartridges and bullets. In addition to a large number of precise technical illustrations covering every stage of manufacturing, generic illustrations are also included to provide historical context.
Podewils Lindner rifle and carbine

Many high quality illustrations.

Podewils cutaway

Cutaways and diagrams.

Podewils close-up

Close-up details.


Guy & Leo's Youtube Channel shows them live firing the Podewils-Lindner rifle
format softback | 186 pages | text plus many colour photos & illustrations
genre military history | arms & armaments
themes The Franco-Prussian War 1870-71 | the evolution of breech-loading firearms
readership military historians | vintage weapon enthusiasts | gun collectors | antique dealers | educational establishments