Baggy Pants & Warm Beer

ISBN 1-84683-041-9
WW2 history
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by Peter Outridge
An illustrated account of the eventful six-months in 1944 when 504 Parachute Infantry Regiment of the US 82nd Airborne Division was stationed in Leicestershire
This entertaing book tells the story in words and pictures of the impact on the local Leicestershire community when the battle-hardened paratroops of US Army’s 504 Parachute Infantry Regiment (504 PIR), of the 82nd Airborne Division were stationed in their midst in 1944 as they awaited their orders to take part in D-Day.

Excerpt fom the author's intoduction:

This book is not essentially a military history; there are lots of excellent publications that do justice to the 504 PIR’s fine combat record during the Second World War. What I have attempted to do is to tell the story of the five-month period in 1944 when the men of the 504 PIR, battered and bruised from campaigns in North Africa, Sicily and Italy, found themselves neighbours – and in a lot of cases good friends – to the villagers of Evington, Stoughton and Oadby in Leicestershire, England. It is dedicated to all those who served with the 504 Parachute Infantry Regiment during World War Two.

details large format softback | 110 pages | many period photos