The Exbury Junkers: A WW2 Mystery

Woodfield Publishing Ltd
ISBN 1-903953-60-X
WW2 history
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Exbury House & Gardens are open to the public and well worth a visit.

by John Stanley

Curious tale of a lone German Ju188 aircraft shot down at Exbury in 1944 under mysterious circumstances

On a fine spring morning in 1944, seven weeks before D-Day, a lone German Junkers 188 twin-engined bomber emerged from the clouds over the Isle of Wight. It circled low over the northern part of the island and somehow managed to withstand a barrage of anti-aircraft fire before flying across the Solent to the Hampshire coast, where it fell victim to an attack by two RAF Typhoons and to further anti-aircraft fire. The bomber crash-landed in a field close to Exbury House which, at this time, was the home of HMS Mastodon, a naval headquarters closely involved in preparations for the Normandy landings. None of the men on board the Junkers Ju188 survived.

details softback | 156 x 234mm | 135 pages | b/w photos