Around the World in 80 Beds

ISBN 1-903953-82-0

Of Austro-Hungarian origin, Gerhard Heilig arrived in England in December 1938 as a 14-year-old refugee from Nazi persecution.
    After schooling in Yorkshire he joined the RAF in 1943 and completed a tour as a wireless operator with Bomber Command in 1944, followed by service in the Far East until 1947.
    He then entered civil aviation, gained his commercial pilot’s licence in 1954 and got his first command three years later. At the end of 1964 he took up a tempting offer by Austrian Airlines and moved to Vienna, where he has been living ever since.

He has had three books published by Woodfield:

by Gerhard Heilig
A light-hearted international oddysey between the sheets

In these permissive days when no turns of phrase are barred and too many stories appear to be merely vehicles for lascivious details, author Gerhard Heilig one day began to wonder whether he might be able to write a bawdy tale without the use of crude language or lurid sexual descriptions.

Around the World in 80 Beds is the result.

It is a rumbustious tale of naughty goings-on and beddings galore, but delivered within the bounds of good taste.

Ribald without being sordid, it is a fun book that everyone can enjoy.