ISBN 1-84683-042-7
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by John Forbes

An F4 Phantom crew from RAF Leuchars face a dangerous adversary in this inventive Cold War action/spy thriller

At the height of the Cold War, RAF Phantoms are scrambled day and night from their base in Scotland to intercept Russian bombers probing NATO airspace around the northern waters of the UK.

For experienced Phantom navigator, Flight Lieutenant John Lynch, flying with inexperienced pilots is all part of the job. All new aircrew on 165 Squadron have to prove their combat readiness before they are sent up against the intruders from the East. Most prove their metal but occasionally one does not...

When a new secret device is brought into service to facilitate tricky night-time identification of the Russian bombers, the East is keen to get hold of an example. A beautiful, but deadly, female ‘sleeper’ agent is activated and tasked with procuring the device by any means and at any cost.

Her plan evolves faster than anticipated when she infiltrates the exclusive confines of the Officers’ Mess and meets a pilot with a grudge.

When Lynch’s new girlfriend gets caught up in the plot and disappears into the wilds of Scotland, things become personal. Lynch will stop at nothing to rescue his girlfriend and to stop the device leaving the shores of the UK.

details: softback | 140 x 205 mm | 280 pages
genre: Fiction | military fiction | action/adventure 
themes: RAF during the Cold War era | action/espionage
readership: military historians / military veterans / general readers