Aircraft Engineer

ISBN 1-84683-115-6
aviation memoir
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by Brian W.A. Johnson

Reflections on a 50-year career in aviation with the RAF and commercial airlines 1947-1997

In this enjoyable and informative book, Brian W.A. Johnson tells the story of his remarkable career in aviation that saw him progress from from RAF Apprentice to senior airline management.

After joining the Royal Air Force in 1947, Brian went on to train as an aircraft apprentice at RAF Halton and subsequently served for 12 years as an RAF aircraft engineer.

After leaving the RAF he began a new career in civil aviation engineering, in which he would progress from the hangar floor to senior management in the course of the following 40 years, as an employee of numerous aviation companies and airlines located in the UK, South Africa, the Middle East and the Far East.

Brian’s recollections and observations offer an interesting insight into the little-known world of aircraft engineering, revealing the extraordinary levels of expertise, effort and organisation required to maintain and repair the aircraft flown by the world’s commercial airlines.

Brian not only provides a well-informed perspective on the development of aviation from the forties to the nineties but also shares many personal memories of notable, amusing and unusual incidents from his lengthy career, making this an enjoyable and entertaining read as well as an informative one.

Details softback | 140 x 205 mm | 240 pages | mono & colour photos