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compiled by Brian Janman
An illustrated history of the development of the ambulance services in East and West Sussex from their origins in 1895 to the present day.

Brian Janman joined the West Sussex Ambulance Service in 1975 and qualified as a Paramedic in 1993. His service career came to an end in 1998 when he retired injured from Sussex Ambulance Service but, after recovery, he resumed his career as an independent paramedic working mainly in motor sport, with a little bit of TV work thrown in, including four years as part of the safety team covering the BBC’s Top Gear programme. He is also a member of both the East and West Sussex Ambulance Service Retirement Associations and continues to research and record the history and development of the first aid and ambulance services in his home county of Sussex.

Illustrated with many photographs, news clippings and other memorabilia collected by the author over many years, this entertaining and educational book traces the history of the ambulance service in the county of Sussex in southern England from its origins in the late 18th century to the present day.

It records the many changes that took place as the service developed from its early days, when pioneer ambulancemen went about their duties armed with simple handcarts and rudimentary equipment, to the modern era of sophisticated ambulances and highly-trained paramedics able to undertake a wide variety of medical procedures in the field.

The photographs show the wide and sometimes surprising variety of transport converted for use as ambulances over the years and their gradual evolution into the purpose-built emergency vehicles we are all familiar with today.
Of course the development of the ambulance service on the South Coast was similar in every other region of the UK, making this book, to some extent, a history of the ambulance service nationwide from Victorian times, through two World Wars, the creation of the NHS and the post-war era that followed, and on into the 21st Century, which saw the merging of many independent local services into larger regional health trusts.

In 2020, its year of publication, we have been reminded of the importance of our frontline health services and this book represents a timely tribute to the valuable contribution to society made by the men and women of our ambulance services over the last century.

details softback | 205 x 290mm | 190pp text and photos
subject The history of the Sussex Ambulance Service
contents text plus 300+ historic black & white and colour photos
location Southern England, East and West Sussex
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The Ambulance Service
ISBN 9781-84683-194-2
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