Corduroy Days

ISBN 1-873203-48-9
World War II memoir
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by Josephine Duggan Rees

A land girl's experiences in the Women's Land Army during World War 2

At the outbreak of World War Two, the author  was one of the thousands of young women who responded to the Government’s call for female workers to take up jobs in the countryside to replace the young men who had been called up to join the armed forces.

From a suburban background, 17-year-old Josephine had no prior experience of country life but she took to the challenge with enthusiasm, although her ignorance of rural ways often led her into embarrassing and sometimes hilarious situations. Her descriptions of her many trials and triumphs are guaranteed to keep readers of all persuasions entertained and amused.

Details softback | 220 pages text plus b/w photos
keywords Women's Land Army | Land Girls | World War 2