In The Nick of Time

ISBN 1-903953-12-X
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by Nick Berryman

The experiences of an RAF pilot with 276 (Air Sea Rescue) Squadron in WW2

Based at Warmwell near Dorchester on the Dorset coast, No. 276 (Air Sea Rescue) Squadron was tasked with locating and rescuing Allied airmen whose aircraft had ditched in the English Channel.

In the course of his duties with the squadron Nick Berryman flew Boulton Paul Defiant and Supermarine Walrus and Spitfire aircraft in an ASR role and his recollections of the many incidents in which he was involved give an illuminating insight into the important role of the wartime ASR squadrons, who were collectively responsible for saving the lives of hundreds of Allied aircrew.

Aside from his airborne escapades, off-duty activities with RAF pals, youthful romantic entanglements and much else is entertainingly described in an easy-going style that is always enjoyable to read, making this an affable autobiographical account that can be appreciated by readers of all ages and persuasions.

details softback | 140 x 205 mm | 200 pages | b/w photos
genre biography | military history | true war and combat stories | air forces and warfare
keywords RAF, World War 2, Air Sea Rescue